The obsession with light
Kills the dark
Which isn't usually bad.

The suppression of nights
Kills the spark
Which can only be seen in red.

The smiles, the clothes
Covered, not considered

The turns they taught
Are false, changed with scissors.

They wish a change
They wanna kill our culture
They wish I'd stay quiet
Under thier command

Our happiness
Looks like an offense for them
Our sadness
Is thier victory.

Tell me, graceful people,
If our language shines amongst us,
Why do YOU whither in pain?

Tell me, graceful people,
If our God shines amongst us,
In our sky, why do you wish for rain?

They don't know the whole story
They just wanna laugh
On sarcasm they think are PJs
And on the truth,
They scoff.

They don't focus on the history
But site it as examples
Call us cruel, call us bad
When on the bloody days
All we eat is an apple.

Tell me, graceful people,
Mutual respect was taught in 5th grade,
But I think you forgot it all.

Tell me, graceful people,
Why do you want us to be like you
Our creeper does not grow tall.