The guide of my pen
In the realm where friendship's light gleam
There stands a soul, a beacon's beam
Guiding me through the darkest nights
My friend, my source of light

Through whispered dreams and laughter's cheer
Your faith in me erased all fear
Your words of hope, a gentle breeze
Lifted me high above the trees

In every verse of mine, in every line
Your presence, dear friend, does shine
A constant muse, a guiding hand
In your embrace, my poet skills expand

With every verse that I create
Your encouragement, my fate
You’ve turned my doubts to fleeting mist
In every word, your love persists.

Through trials and triumphs, side by side
You stayed, you cheered, you never shied
Encouraging with every breath
To chase my dreams, to conquer death

With every word, with every rhyme
You nurtured me through space and time
From the humble beginnings and as i reach poet's peak
In your friendship, solace I seek

From humble start to soaring high
You’ve been my wings, my clear blue sky
In trials faced, in victories won
You are the moon, my rising sun

So here's to you, my dear friend
Whose support knows no end
In your company, I freely soar
A poet, because of you, evermore