Battles Unseen: Poem About Addiction
When darkness veils the soul in deepest night,
And shadows dance with demons in delight,
In midst of chaos, when all hope seems lost,
A battle rages on, addiction’s frost.

As chains wrap tight around both heart and mind,
The struggle for escape is hard to find,
Yet through the pain, a flicker of desire,
To break the binds, to quench the inner fire.

With trembling hands and weary eyes that weep,
The addict fights a battle far too deep,
For substances that promised sweet relief,
Now hold them captive, stealing life like a thief.

Oh, how addiction tears apart the soul,
Leaving scars that never seem to heal, whole.
It whispers lies of comfort and escape,
Yet only leads to torment, pain, and ache.

In sobriety's embrace, the path is steep,
Each day a battle fought, a promise to keep.
With courage and resolve, they face their fears,
Through trembling steps, they dry their tears.

But darkness lingers, as temptation's call,
Echoes through the silent corridors of all,
The cravings taunt, a siren song so sweet,
Without strength, the addict's soul may feel defeat.

Yet hope ignites a flame deep in their core,
A flame that burns unlike ever before,
For in the depths of struggle, they discover,
The power within, the strength to recover.

So let us not judge those fighting battles unseen,
For in their frailty, lies a spirit so keen,
Be gentle, be kind, extend your helping hand,
For they too deserve love, a chance to withstand.

While hardships of sobriety persist,
Remember, life's storms are not to resist,
But to rise above, to learn and to grow,
With open hearts, true potential to show.

In darkness, there's a flicker of light's grace,
A testament to the strength of the human race,
For addiction's hardships may be hard to bear,
But in recovery, hope blossoms, so rare.

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