Hath Time Slowly Precious
Blooming Clock Delight Gracious
Affright Tears Sow In Mysterious
Brubble Lamps Dame Stereos

The Effigy Of Deaf Fells Under Leafs
Beyond Underneath There's Belief
Skies Felt A Buttler Buss By Relief
Clouds Demesne Brass In Beefs

Doxy Months Drought Years Of Bears
Enow Thousand Mile On Dares
Eyne May Fall Apart Wears
Forby Days Comes Out Hour Lears

Fuzzle Gage Own Sage
Gar Mid Million Pale Lege
Trillion Seconds Bypass Bridge
Gorganize Minutes Gramercy Edge

Herbary Meditates Using Fish
Hearken The Passage Dish
Natheles Die Forever Mish
Nithing Noblest Ring To Lish.

© -John Edward Kenneth Parado