In the midst of summer,
I was driving in the afternoon,
in a deserted path besides the hill,
a river accompanying the opposite side.

It started as a slight drizzle,
cold wind passing through my face,
without raincoat, I have no cover,
so thought of relishing the pleasant weather.

My joy didn't last long,
for, the force became heavier,
with no protection at sight,
I braced for a downpour.

My skin was wet and cold,
Water running through clothes,
while I drove like no care of world,
facing the onslaught from the front.

Engulfed in the torrential rain,
I looked towards the waterway,
and something magical happened,
as the place vanished in misty haze.

The trees over the hills,
were covered in cloudy steam,
so, I got cautious and alert,
slowed down my driving speed.

And then it happened,
taking me by the surprise,
as mesmerizing rainbow like wings,
came in front of my eyes.

A beautiful peacock flew past me,
giving me a wonderful time,
as the cold wind freezes my wet skin,
making me laugh at my ordeal.

It was adventurous, it was fun,
one great experience to remember,
a deserted road amidst a rainstorm,
blinded by the mist, surprised by an artworks...of nature.

© Dr. Manish Rout