Fading Echoes
In the sepia tones of bygone days,
Melancholy weaves its subtle haze.
A friend, a guide, a love untold,
Moments cherished, now grown cold.

His laughter echoes in the empty air,
A ghostly reminder of a love affair.
Chocolates and coffee, shared delight,
Fade into shadows, lost in the night.

Long hours of conversation, once so sweet,
Now whispers in the wind, a muted beat.
Nostalgia's grip, a bittersweet embrace,
Yearning for a return, a familiar face.

In the quietude of solitude, I pine,
For the days when his presence was mine.
Melancholy lingers, a silent plea,
Will those moments return to comfort me?

Now time has passed, and I'm adrift,
In wistful waves, my spirits lift.
Will he return, like a gentle breeze?
To recreate those moments, put my heart at ease.

© Aboorva