Whorehouse on the River
what’s left outta nothing
got stuck in my eye
kissing a stranger
with a final goodbye
stand there in anger
because it’s been on my mind
threshold of disaster
the illusion of time
carry me out
take me back home
I’m sick of this river
a new place to roam
always been a dogkicker.
I feel thru my bones
hurting like hell
Hades is a ghost town,
ya know
do not point your finger
or spit on the floor
the lies from your father
or truth from a whore.
it’s all getting stranger
lay down on the floor
won’t need a blanket
the fire keeps us warm
to wrong one another
or to open a door
one feels violated
the other wants more
a seedy motel
who’s driving this boat

I don’t have a conscience
she’s drunk or it’s smoke
is grace in a savior
some will say no
is it all I’m my mind
I’ve thought that for years
although I’m wrong
all the time
I’ve given up
I just don’t want to fuckin
do this anymore
I caught you in a whorehouse, guess what,
acting like a whore
up the river
up your nose
there ain’t nothing good
just watered down coke
everyone is in danger
I’ve heard it before
someone crying wolf
comes from a whore
a wolf doesn’t have to say what they are
been kissing strangers
alone at the bar.
common practice to
common law
the first one to leave us
has never belonged
praying now to Jesus
seeking forgiveness for some
not all of your sins are not as simple as none
if you’ve got no food then give us your guns
communism is
new type of fun
give us this or give us that
sometimes I’m just confused
it says don’t trust the government
I don’t trust anything dude
so run to the hills
get out while you can
the plan is to kill us
anyway they can
I was counting blessings
she was counting the sand
we lay on that beach now
while we can
we’re dying here so please hold my hand
on the beach outside of a whorehouse on the river
just east of Eden &
out of the Badlands
I shot my horse in Arkansas
he was a friend so I felt bad
I left him there
started hitchhiking back
I don’t think I’m ever coming back
I don’t think I’m ever coming back
El Fineto


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