What do you see when you look at me
Where would you be if it weren't for me
If you wanna leave, let me be
Set me free for the jubilee
4 scenes foreseen and they all end in screams
Happiness, anger, joy or agony
Symphony of aggressiveness
tyranny under scrutiny for love we possess and convene
Cohesiveness, codependency
right in the mix, adhesive tendencies
Left on scene with this seamless abandoning
where my dreams turned to demanding greed
I'm a link in a lead of misdeeds and I agreed to succeed in whats deemed a love theme
A scheme that intrigues and supersedes everything I think, it goes against me and my well-being
Madness, I'll bring anything to it's knees just to see which enemy will make me bleed
Numbness is loveless
who would love this being
Demons are loveliest at best before the sun sets
Joker, Queen, King
You're her but which is worst?
Him or me?

© Jarren