Yearning for inclusivity: Asthma II
Getting home after a long day, whence night

Light of chandeliers gleaming behind curtains make my night bright

Expecting something new

Nothing usual just like nights for the Hebrews

Everything set except for a woman in Red velvet gown

Yet he had me, face turning frown

I want to hug him in his blazer suit

But my lungs blazes of perfume shoot

Lungs longing for love air

turns a battle ground for air unfair

Remember it's a special day, I want to blow the romantic candles

But my nose inhales, a place where breath is banned, my world a riddle

Might ignore all but not the dishes

Curry, Cinnamon, and oil on fishes

Noses widening, chest tightening

It burns, a fire bright,

Craving for spices and one day the lights

Before my enjoyment is your dismay

Remembering me of what I may

He doesn't understand,

A scent I can't stand,

This is not a thing of death

Just the sanctuary I Seek a thing of care

Where understanding is beyond compare

For in this journey of love, I dare to find

A world were natural breath is kind

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