Maternal majesty
The fragrance of my childhood,
Hides in the folds of your embrace,
She opens the celestial portal,
A warrior-esque figure, stalwart and true.
She wages an existential struggle, a life-death dichotomy, on your behalf,
Ready to sacrifice her very essence, that you might thrive.
She endures the excruciating pangs of parturition,
Signing a covenant with her own vital force.
A paragon of valor, a heroine of unyielding spirit,
She confronts her trepidation, undaunted and unbroken.
The resplendent smile that illuminates her countenance at your arrival,
Her anguished cry, echoing through the chambers of existence, as she brings you into being.
That woman, a warrior of unwavering dedication, she is.
Each successive day, as the seasons of her life unfold,
Her love remains steadfast, an unrelenting constant.
As the weight of years accumulates, her concern for your well-being intensifies,
And in her twilight hours, she yearns for your proximity,
Lest her final breath be exhaled in solitude, absent your gentle presence beside her.
That woman, a heroine of unparalleled devotion, she is.

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