The Silent Struggle : Youth in Crisis
In the crowd, they stand alone
Their hearts heavy, their souls stone
The world moves fast, they can't keep pace
Feeling lost, in a lonely space

Their minds race, with thoughts unkind
A constant battle, they can't unwind
The pressure mounts, the tension grows
A silent scream, that no one knows

Depression creeps, like a thief in the night
Stealing joy, and replacing with fright
The darkness closes in, like a suffocating embrace
Leaving them gasping, for a trace

Of happiness, of peace, of a gentle breeze
That soothes the soul, and calms the squeeze
But it's hard to find, in this chaotic life
A respite from the pain, a chance to thrive

So they put on a mask, to hide the pain
And pretend to be fine, but it's all in vain
For the loneliness, it eats away
At their heart, their soul, their very being each day

Let's reach out, let's lend a hand
Let's break the silence, let's understand
The struggles of youth, the weight they bear
And help them find, a brighter care."

Note: This poem aims to capture the feelings of loneliness, depression, and tension that many youngsters experience, and the importance of reaching out and supporting them.
© Saqib Sarwar Mir