In The Shadows
In the shadows of a restless mind, they reside,
My inner demons, oh, how they strive.
Whispering secrets of doubt and despair,
Their haunting presence, oh, it's everywhere.

Oftentimes in solitude, they arise,
Unleashing chaos and disturbing my lies.
They dance and twirl with a sinister grace,
Tainting my thoughts, leaving no trace.

They breed in the corners of my fears,
Feeding on the vulnerability that appears.
Their voices echo, tormenting my soul,
As they strive to take complete control.

With fiery eyes and devilish grins,
My inner demons revel in my sins.
They prod and poke, gnawing at my core,
Leaving me feeling weak, forevermore.

Their whispers penetrate, like poison in my veins,
Filling my head with their toxic refrains.
They taunt and tease, their words like a knife,
Feeding on my insecurities, slicing through life.

But amidst the chaos, a flicker of light,
A glimmer of hope, shining so bright.
For deep within, I find strength to rise,
To face my demons, no matter their guise.

With each battle fought, I reclaim a part,
Asserting my worth, mending a broken heart.
For my inner demons, they may persist,
But in my soul's sanctuary, they shall not persist.

So I'll embrace them, these demons within,
For they are a part of me, original sin.
But I'll rise above, reclaim my control,
And transform the darkness into a mighty soul.
© All Rights Reserved