Do you see me?
Sometimes I see you
Sometimes I don't

Gazing through rose colored haze gets easy when all you can think about is what’s on the other side.
Yearning for that thing, that feeling
Posed as just another cliche or everyday thing
But when it comes to one, that feeling feels like one out of 100

Heart racing, mind aching
Common symptoms of a mesmerized heart,
But when the haze clears, and the light fades
Ultimately you’re left with little to nothing

Sometimes you see me
Sometimes you don't

Looking through me like multicolored cellophane
Admiring me without an x-ray
My mind feels like it’s driving you insane
Hoping you’ll notice, hoping you’ll see past my face
Hoping you’ll stop looking straight through me
just like that dollar store multicolored cellophane

Trusting a heart to hold love is like trusting a towel to hold water
Saturated with the pristine waters of pure emotion
Seeping out to those who deserve rivers
Dripping out to those who deserve only a drop


© Rynne