A Cosmic Love Story
In the vast expanse of space,
Where stars and planets grace,
There's a dance of cosmic love,
That unfolds high above.

The sun, with its brilliant rays,
Shines bright in endless days,
But its heart beats for a black hole,
So dark and deep and cold.

For the sun, the black hole's pull,
Is an attraction too full,
To resist its all-consuming might,
It's a love that burns so bright.

The earth, a blue and green sphere,
Spins round the sun so dear,
It basks in the warmth of its light,
And blossoms in its sight.

The moon, a companion to the earth,
Reflects the sun's light from its girth,
It orbits in a loving dance,
And watches over the earth's romance.

So in the cosmic symphony,
Of love and gravity,
The sun, earth and moon,
Are in harmony and tune.

With each in its own orbit,
Each plays its part in it,
A cosmic love story,
That plays out in all its glory

© Shashwat Jha

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