Hope in the Pain
In shadows cast, where hopes once gleamed,
Broken dreams, a shattered seam.
Promises whispered, now torn apart,
In the depths of despair, a heavy heart.

Like fragile glass, dreams did break,
Leaving in their wake a bitter ache.
The future once bright, now fades to gray,
In the silence of night, they slowly decay.

But through the tears and darkest night,
Hope can still emerge, a flickering light.
From the ruins of dreams, new ones may rise,
In the ashes of despair, a phoenix flies.
Amidst the pain, a strength is found,
In broken dreams, new roots in the ground.
For with every fracture, a chance to rebuild,
A stronger spirit, with hopes fulfilled.

The scars of shattered dreams may remain,
But they tell a story of enduring pain.
And in that narrative, resilience is born,
From the depths of despair, a soul reborn.

So let us not despair for what's been lost,
For in life's tempests, we pay the cost.
But in the wreckage, we find our way,
To brighter tomorrows from yesterday's dismay.

In the symphony of life, a bittersweet theme,
From the fragments of dreams, we still dare to dream.
And dreaming we find the way to be full,
Be proud and run, 'cause the runner is you.

© Nate's Pen Still Works