The only one who can help.. is you
||Darkness rises, as the sun sets,
All light and life fades, as dark as it gets;
No humans by your side,
like you cried for help, even you yelled,
The only who is right, held the flag,
gripped.. very tight,
as you find yourself in the queue,
you realise,
The one who can help... is you. ||

||It's been decead, since you met,
someone so sacred and great
Be kind, Be generous,
Be true with numerous,
even if you are against the current,
you are the only one who is right,
you stand against the queue, with enemies new
you realize,
The only one who can help is you. ||

||Humiliation, nothing but words to make to
They do everything, with their might, to make you feel sad,
But no one is their for you to encourage.
You came alone, you go alone,
with no friend by your side,
except God, who knows you by every day
and night.
Even friends, you emphasize,
They will only stand by his side;
You realize, they are just for show,
As they stand within the queue,
You realize, the only one who can help...is You||

© notbad2