Midnight Musing
I close my eyes,
sleep didn't reach my sight
The world is sleeping,
But, I'm wide awake
Cursing my existence and fate
Everything is as dark as my life
When Mind collides, misery ignites
Saturday, May 25 Another wakeful sight
Awaken for two gloomy nights
Living a nightmare with open eyes
Relief which is far from reach
Laying, staring , suffering but quite
Black hazy view stealing the light
keeping me awake, my demons sway Reminiscing agony, a never ending facade
Night for me is a dark, deep cave
A wild ocean of unruly thoughts
A void Consuming me whole
Shattered me, suffering it all
Awaking me and my miseries
For me, sleep is a luxury
At last, a sound stole me away
Singing of birds, a sign of sunrise
A light ,the ending of my anguish
Weeping soul looking for tranquility
Eyes forgot how to weep
Sighting, I hug my knees firmly
Eager, for a hint of serenity
A ray of light radiates my dark space
I Felt at ease yet worn out utterly
A welcoming sight of please
I Veil my gaze, hopelessly
Perhaps, now I can sleep
© ~FT

3:18 am
Sat, may 25