My Past Life
Long ago in my past life
I must’ve caused chaos and strife
Karma keeps chasing into each new day
A flood of emotions trying to make me pay
No memory of the sorrow drives me insane
My shoulders are burdened heavy with pain
Long ago in my past life
I could’ve been a manic wielding a knife
A river of tears flow like a stream
Lost in despair no chance of a dream
Fragments of failure in disrepair
Making up for history that doesn’t seem fair
Long ago in my past life
I might’ve been a really shitty wife
Trying to escape as though running scared
Trust betrayed like they never really cared
A head bowed down with the weight of shame
Repenting for sins when I wasn’t to blame
Long ago in my past life
Anger and jealousy were definitely rife
An uphill struggle trying to put things right
The overwhelming battle I’m trying to fight
I imagine a future not isolated and bleak
A happy ever after I desperately seek