The Human Race

3:1.5 Truly of the human race has it been said, “You are of God” because “he who dwells in love dwells in God, and God in him.” Even in wrongdoing you torment the indwelling gift of God, for the Thought Adjuster must needs go through the consequences of evil thinking with the human mind of its incarceration.

The Human Race
Too cold to venture far today.
There’re other things to do that sway
Me, from the routine I’ve established.
Other things I need to practice.

May flexibility always be
What I expect psychologically.
Never expect anything that’s less
Than love you give out to your guests.

But, if in fact, this thing be so
Find a way to take in tow
All that matters in this life.
Love is what will bring delight.

Find a way towards truth and light.
The way forward brings delight.
Confidence one should display
Only clouds make the sky gray.

To see-through clouds needs special light.
X-rays can give us that sight.
Special machines then help us see.
The clouds can’t block obstructurally.

Our minds can also see through clouds.
It takes some time, and we’re time bound.
But with some patience that’s sincere
We’ll see through clouds brought on by fear.

Thank You, Father, for my Faith.
I know how Love reveals Your Grace.
Love for others – the Human Race.
Increases with Your Love embrace.
Paul Anderson

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