Your Dear Griffin
Did you forget so easily
The bittersweet memories of you
And your faithful griffin?

Till then, I believed
Unconditional love comes with no pain.
It seemed true,
But the wound bled scars on your griffin's wings
Showed how much it cared for you.

It protected you from the cruelty of this world
Under its feathery, mellow wings.
Even when it cried tears of pain,
It smiled for you,
Because all it wanted to know
Was that you were safe and sound under Its bleeding wings.

I am confused and regretful for you,
Why did you try to push your griffin away?
Why did you hurt its fragile and innocent heart
That was already bruised from this never-ending pain?

When, at last,
You thrust your own sword Into that beautiful heart,
And it fell down from the orange sky in pain
Wings all broken like its heart,
Shattered in shards like pristine glass.

It was you who could not understand
That it did not fail you or hurt you.
Even in its last breath, It meant to say,
"I love you, and always will."

© RozyBearVerse