[ CW ] untitled ( mirror deal. )
CW - not explicitly mentioned, but this is about transphobia.

So, here is the deal
you make with yourself daily.

The Siren is no seducer;
She does not make your want for manhood
just gives you the words and songs to express it.

If your mother reads her books and believes that’s seduction
that the gift of words to communicate yourself is trickery, manipulation, coercion
You think that maybe
she should put her book down
and realize she’s being tricked

by the human woman who sells your mom answers
She monetizes your mothers fear
and takes pure advantage of it.

So, The Siren’s no monster
you have a question about who the real monster is

Is it your mother, who believes you’re being preyed on
with all the violence and fire and hurts-you of a preacher

or the book-writer preacher, who preys on your mother’s fears
and sells her the answers?

© CarmeFormIhn