Mystical Embrace: Moonlit Alchemy of Love
Watching you unravel, a dance in the shifting sands of time,
A twilight ballet that eclipses my sun’s shine.

Your skin, a tapestry woven in velvet whispers under the moonlight,
A symphony of lavender and vanilla, a nocturnal delight.

Memorizing the contours of your perfections,
I sketch these lines in my mind, forging intricate connections.

Setting my soul ablaze, a cosmic collision with the flame,
Losing my mind in the echo as I softly whisper your name.

Your fingers trace constellations down my spine,
Each touch, a sonnet written in the language of the divine.

Savoring this moment, an alchemy of senses and design,
Our souls entwined, painting love’s canvas in hues so fine.

As we ascend the peak in sweet harmony,
Enveloped by the symphony of love’s decree.

We intertwine with our inner rhythm,
Crafting passion—an algorithm of love’s prism.

© L.B Rheaven