I am the remnants of
Our stolen love,
A hidden memory
Residing beyond the
Overwhelming dread
That anchors me.

I'm the dreamed-up kiss,
The tender first
Brush of your hand,
Eagerly expected.

I am the confession
Of love unspoken.

I'm the note left unsent,
The poem never
Breathed into life.

I am the untrodden path,
The one we didn't take,
My love,
Yet this unventured road is
My everyday stroll,
I walk with you eternally.

Seasons turn,
Leaves bloom,
Fade, wither,
And bloom once again -

I have tread this path
So frequently that I require
Not the sight of a leaf to
Affirm it's presence -
My canvas is
Painted in response to
The command
Of my thoughts,

Hence, even in
Your absence,
I feel
Your existence
By my side.

Still, this looming dread
Holds me captive,

For these
Moments are
Where I walk
With the
Ghost of you,

When my soul
Your presence

But the fear of
Never holding you,

Stops me
From holding you,

Hence, the poem remains unread,
Words stay trapped in silence

As I envision you walking,
Hand in hand with me
On this often lonely
Path of hope.

I saunter past barren fields
Teeming with roses,
Eagerly awaiting
The initial caress
Of your hand.

I know to speak my truth
May rob me of the
Very hope of you -
I don't yet
Have the strength
For that,
So we remain here,
As I imagine
You are mine
Forever more
© chayansays...