Dedication to all lost soul
The pain of losing the love ones
the agony that never be heal
the life we loose
Un forgotten in our memories

In the stillness of night, whispers of pain,
Echoes of love, now lost in the rain.
Each tear a tribute to what once was near,
A symphony of sorrow, a silent tear.

Memories dance in the shadows of the mind,
Like fleeting ghosts, they leave traces behind.
The warmth of embraces, the touch of a hand,
Now just echoes in the silent land.

The heart, once whole, now fractured and torn,
A tapestry of loss, in darkness adorned.
Yet amidst the anguish, a glimmer of light,
For love eternal, transcends the night.

Though loved ones depart, their essence remains,
In the fabric of time, their spirit sustains.
For in the depths of sorrow, we find a way,
To cherish their memory, each passing day.

So let the tears fall, let the heartache swell,
For in mourning our loss, we honor them well.
For love knows no bounds, not even in death,
And in the pain of loss, we find our breath.
© Testimony