"Eternal Serenade"

In the garden of love, two hearts did meet,
Beneath the moon's soft, silver sheet.
Their souls aligned, a cosmic dance,
Entranced by fate's sweet happenstance.

Through fields of gold and meadows green,
They wandered, lost in love's serene.
With every step, their bond grew strong,
A symphony of love's sweet song.

Through whispered secrets in the night,
They found solace in each other's sight.
In laughter shared and tears confessed,
They found in love a tranquil nest.

Through seasons changing, love remained,
A steadfast beacon, never waned.
In autumn's hues and winter's chill,
Their love endured, unyielding still.

Through trials faced and battles won,
Their love endured, like morning sun.
In each other's arms, they found their peace,
Their love a balm that would never cease.

So hand in hand, they'll walk life's road,
Their love a beacon, their hearts bestowed.
For in each other's gaze, they find,
A love eternal, pure and kind.
© Patrick