I still see you in every sunset
A radiant tapestry that blankets the sky
My heart's yearning, a love I can't forget
Tracing your essence as the light begins to die

In hues of gold, pink, and fiery red
The canvas of infinity, painted with grace
A celestial masterwork, where memories tread
And your silhouette dances with gentle embrace

Each descending orb, a whispered soft call
From yonder heavens, where dreams do dwell
A reminder of love, profound and enthralled
Where souls intertwine, forever to be held

As twilight unfolds, casting shadows anew
I feel your presence in every fleeting ray
A comforting warmth, a passion so true
That lingers in my heart, like a nostalgic replay

With each dusky breath, I'm reminded again
Of the beauty we shared, in moments divine
Through whispers of wind, carried over the plain
Your essence enchants, like a celestial sign

Within the twilight's embrace, our love unfurls
Like blossoms, awakened in the softest of nights
Transcending time's grasp, and worldly swirls
Our souls entwined, dancing in cosmic delight

The stars, they shimmer, whispering tales
Of an eternal love that shall never fade
And as moonlight illuminates as it pales
Our bond remains potent, true love unsbaid

Oh, let the nocturnal melody chime
As I bask in the memory of your tender eyes
Your laughter, your touch, transcending space and time
An eternal symphony, where our love still lies

Though you're gone, and distance doth sever
In the realm of sunsets, our love soars high
A timeless embrace, burning forever
In the twilight's embrace, where our spirits lie

© Jovan_love