anonymous 2
I been living with a dreams in my head
I can't think what gonna happen ahead
I have turn eighteen
no longer a teen
I got a taste of failure
I crave for success to enhance its flavor
people critize a lot
they are thread with knot
no one is in your support
you need to create with you a rapport
I am not sure
whether I am mature
I want that childhood back
that carefree life we now lack
That was beautiful season of spring
its now a phase unpredictable and sprinkling
I wanna try
but I cant stop my cry
the sadness glooms
when would flower of happiness bloom?
I forgot to be
someone that was me
at last
Nothing is gonna break me down
I know I am gonna wear that crown
I have a dream
Filled cup till the beam

© shweta_meshram17