Ashley's letter
My dearest love, kissed by the sun's tender embrace, I extend to you my love letter in this period of physical separation. May my words cover the distance and find you in a realm of joy and love. My Noble Nubian Queen.

The wind, bearer of secrets told me that you are woven through countless moons and suns, it  unveiled before me the tapestry of beauty that you, my Queen, effortlessly embody. A legacy of unparalleled grace and allure is woven into your very being, a heritage that finds its apex in your divine presence. Beauty itself could not dream of a more profound legacy than yours.

And so, it is inevitable that  the ache of your absence carves a small hollow within my spirit with each passing moment you are not with me. How could I not feel a part of me die with each instance I am without  your companionship? Indeed, there exists no other like you, none parallel in existence.

The wind, in its whispered wisdom, told me to recollect that your mind is a constellation of brilliance, compared to the knowledge of a  thousand queens, Your intellectual radiance illuminates the landscape of my thoughts, while your soul exudes a serenity that supresses the seas of choas  within me. Like a tempest, you sweep away all that is troubles me , leaving behind only that which is necessary, for you are the embodiment of my desires.

It is a great symphony that the wind plays, a tale of breath that mirror the very essence of life itself. And fittingly so, for in this very orchestration, you personify the breath that sustains me.

You, my Queen, stand as the veritable, the literal  embodiment of beauty in motion, you are  celestial choreography admired even by the stars themselves. Could there possibly be another who mirrors your graceful movement?

You are beautiful My Queen ❤

The stars adore the manner in which you move , could the be another like you, for not even Cleopatra was as captivating as you.
The irony is she worshiped a sun God and you were crafted using the suns fabrics i guess the humility of cleopatra message from God is found in your essence

Your beloved..Mumba
© Saint Mace