Before Bed /
Before Bed:

She brushed her hair a hundred times
At bedtime
Just before she went to bed,
And no one could care
In the room.

She was all alone in her bedroom.
Then, she undressed
And put on her nightgown reluctantly.

While that was as it was for that
The colours of the walls
In her bedroom blushed at first,
Then turned crimson,
Then pale yellow
Because of what they already saw
With an inescapable obligation.

Because they could not close their eyes,
The nights presented attractive views
On those happy walls;
But pity was a change of sense
For the pleasure they took
While they watched.

The walls grew very, very hard
At the sight they had already felt.
What have they seen? What not?

Thank heaven;
They did not soften
And collapse.
You know that "jars have ears". Well, walls have eyes.
© UnsOzu