The African Cactus 🌵
A dark calabash that was once full is now cracked and dry,
Like a shattered gourd, it can never be revived,
The pieces lie scattered, sharp as thorns.
It's a reflection of love that has lost its warmth and color.

A bittersweet melody fills the air as memories linger.
Echoes of joy are now accompanied by the pain of nostalgia.
The feeling of longing is like a kraal that has been hollowed out.
A longing for something that cannot be replaced, like a lost ancestral home.

Like the rains of the savannah, tears fall like a mournful flood,
The once happy dreams are like dried riverbeds.
The weight of grief is like a bundle of firewood, a heavy load to carry.
Feeling alone while carrying a burden of betrayal.

Like a precious backcloth, love must always be cherished,
Once its flame flickers, it becomes dim.
Just like the embers of a dying fire, love becomes a distant and hollow drum beat.
Love is like an African cactus, with thorns yet it also bears the sweetest fruits.
Even in heartbreak, there is still a glimmer of hope like the first light of dawn.
A hope that someday, love will bloom again.

© Mwebe Morgan