Chaotic World
Drowsy in everything,
loathing my unfortunate existence,
a needy girl, awful, impassive like me?
Explain how could people will treat me adequately?

We don't have the magistrate we want.
We don't have the evenhanded that we are always praying for.
We don't have an amicable life that is unthinkable to attain.

Look around and you will see an enormous tangle,
look around seeing people full of lust in their eyes,
look around where world full of anonymous people,
where good was down and the evil one was growing up

an environment that is full of pain, and a world without proper privilege.
A world that swindler accompanied by frantic people.
A world lives full of fraud,
the world breathes full of lies and evil.

Tell me the world that we can occur peacefully,
the world that is full of joy and prosperity.
Where people are in good circumstances,
people who appreciating their lovely lives.
© bebas