Blood Rose

With petals of red which are soft as velvety sateen
found in contrast against a backdrop bright green.
Having an aroma sweeter than strawberry wine,
made of fruit freshly picked,ripe from the vine.

A symbol for love so strong that it never disappears,
even through the darkest times to be seen clear.
Glowing with a radiance unlike any other existing,
except for the sun whose light does shine clean.

As it washes over landscapes renewing once more,
where ever it's needed for life and beauty to restore.
Like a rose bush growing amongst strong trees,
symbolic of hope that the world seldom sees.

Which is needed if lovers expect to one day meet,
and discover how it feels to taste of passion sweet.
Borne from seeds planted within willing hearts,
which with time becomes a rose that love imparts.

© Renopoet