Holi: Colors of Emotions

with its abundance of colors,
being part of the festivity,
as it displays the emotions,
conveyed in array of selections.

Be it the warmth of connections,
that reflects our enthusiasm and passion,
through the sign of love in red,
of hope and happiness in yellow,
blessing of health and vitality through orange.

Be the calm and reserved ones,
wishing growth and renewal with green,
conveying longing and responsibility through blue,
of creativity and luxury in purple.

Then there are neutral ones,
a part of every emotions,
in purity and virtue through white,
mystery and elegance of black,
of moodiness and formality with gray.

Let this festival colors our life,
imbibed with multitude of emotions,
so that we can come together and celebrate...
Colors of emotions.

© Dr. Manish Rout