behind a mask
I don't feel like I belong, everyone has all these expectations for me, they want me to be this girl with good grades, this girl with a kind heart, this smart and beautiful girl that any guy could fall for. But that's not me, I cross the bridge of fear, pain, the bridge is the only place I belong, it relates to my fear of trying to figure out who I am, it relates to the pain that I feel when people I thought cared for me, soon started to judge me. I put this hoodie on over my head to hide myself from everyone, I hide my face so I don't get called ugly., I make sure the hoodie is oversized so they don't judge my body. , I keep quiet to myself so they can't judge my voice, my laugh. I slouch over just so they can't make fun of my height. Yet they still do. Everything I hide, someone always finds a way to break me down because of it, they always find a way in.

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