Imagine a world where love's not just a word, But a feeling so deep, it's all that's ever heard. I'd hold you close, like family and friends, Cherish every moment, until the very end.

Imagine, oh imagine, a love so true, Where I'm lost in you, and you're lost in me too. Imagine, a love that's pure, A bond so strong, it will endure.

I'd learn every detail, like my passions do, Study everything, every shade of you. I'd dive into depths I've never known, With you by my side, I'm not alone.

Imagine, a love so deep, Where promises are kept, and hearts never weep. Imagine, a love that's bright, Guiding us throughevery day and night.

In this world of dreams, we'll build our own reality, Where love reigns supreme, in perfect harmony. No more imagining, it's time to make it real, With you beside me, our love will seal.

Imagine, oh imagine, a love so grand, Together forever, hand in hand. Imagine, a love that's true, My world is brighter, all because of you.
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