Music are portals
Bringing me to another dimension
Is this a condition or an imagination
Cuz everytime I hear it , my soul feels taken away into this place inside my head
Can't even think straight as time flies by again and again
As everything thought spinning in me is right here in this lyrics
My mind feels drenched inside the rhythm
Didn't even notice when my body started dancing to the melody
I'm inside this dimension, almost forgot what reality feels like
Just like a smooth wind in autumn, it reaches me so deep , I feel on top of the world
What can I say? Music brings the world alive as all emotions are combined into one harmony
My heart beats fast as I can relate with every tune played
Trying to escape the world in my darkest days , I feel peace at last and air feels sweeter than ever
Time ticking , the noise slowly dies and the moon rises up as bright as ever
Headphones finally off , my eyes open and reality hits back again

© unknown writer ♥️🎧