#LostCityBluesLost in this city,
I wander through the streets
With no direction in mind
And no destination in sight.

Tall buildings loom overhead,
Blocking out the sun
And casting shadows
That seem to swallow me whole.

The hustle and bustle
Of the city surrounds me
As I try to navigate
Through the sea of faces.

I pass by street vendors
Selling their wares
And musicians playing
Their melodies in the air.

The smell of food wafts
From the many restaurants
And my stomach growls
In hunger and longing.

I hear the honking of horns
And the screech of brakes
As cars speed past me
In a blur of motion.

I feel the heat of the pavement
Beneath my feet
And the sweat trickling
Down my back.

I see the neon lights
Of the stores and clubs
Glowing brightly
In the darkness of night.

I am lost in this city
But I am not alone
For there are others
Who wander aimlessly like me.

We are all searching
For something
A place to belong
A purpose to fulfill.

We are lost souls
In a city of lost dreams
But we keep moving forward
Hoping to find our way.

I may be lost
But I am not afraid
For this city has a soul
That resonates with my own.

I will continue to wander
Through the streets
Lost in this city
But never truly lost in myself.
© w.Castleman