Tell them part 2: she’s getting ready.
When she stops dancing so blindly,when she understands the rhythm to her waves,when she penetrates her ocean,assimilate codes an principles

when she gets her hair done,when she gathers all her tears,when she developed the courage,out of the courage comes boldness,as she stands looking in the mirror.

when she finally says enough is enough,picking up her crown,dust the dirt off her crown,her garment the reflection of milk an honey,lacing up her heels

you can feel the vibrations in her steps,You can hear her cries through the cracks,her war cry poetic symphony,her glory is like beacons of light for her children who are soldier to her light,rolling out the red carpet,Her breath is like the wind,like shards of glass piercing the flesh

when her dark knight causes lightening to strike for her,thunderous sounds in mists of confusion,when greed,wealth, materialistic things become temporary value,in that moment of chaos,will you even know the narrow path,sacred ark,sacred place?

When the reality you live in is unchained, would you be prepared for the disturbance,could you dig into your bag of fortune?

When she calls for war on those who made war on her,which side will you stand,will you stand for the world or will you stand for her nine roses.
© Mykel

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