My heart is a world
My heart is a world full
Of miracles,
Blue skies weaves the
Dreams of love, as
My footsteps dances to
The tune of rain.
Paper boats sails you
Through life & there are
Hearts that bestows you
With love and compassion.
In the spring flowers blooms
My world is decked up in Pink
And, in summer my world
Shines in the golden rays.
In winter I see snowflakes
And Christmas lights,
And when it is autumn
The leaves do make a
rustling sound, when
Night creeps in,
It tells the story of
Halloween spirits,
My heart is a world
filled with true souls
That are hard to love,
And yet it harder to
leave, my heart is a
World where dreams resides
like fireworks in night sky
add light to life as
They illuminate bright,
My heart is a world of
Its own that is simple
Yet beautiful in all the kinds
My heart is full of dreams
And love is what I find.

© alpha Stella