Love of Zero
He checked out, wandering in the street
Leaving her alone, pale and empty-handed
Drowning herself every night in the red sheet
They used to sleep in together - now she's jaded.
She doesn't need another hero,
"You're perfectly safe if you love zero."

His hands are tied up, unable to rescue her
Times are a-changin', their world crumbled
She's fixed herself, none would be better
Than opening her eyes and breaking the cycle.
She spends her time feeding her ego,
"You waste nothing if you love zero."

No, she doesn't hold back now; she's forgotten almost everything,
What's keeping her from moving forward, memories she's carrying,
Let him dance to his own drum beat, he'll figure out what's been missing,
After all these years, forsaking the best he had is his undoing.

And she's learned a lot,
She's learned from booze, pills and loneliness;
She's learned love can be very dangerous.
Now she's freed, she's in a new order,
"Take it from me, zero is my lover."

© ajyoyama