They're fighting everyday
only for me!
But here I am sitting with confusion,
looking at my tied hands
and tied legs.
My mouth is sealed naturally
and my heart's paining excruciatingly.
Now I know what is personal misery!
Time is slipping like sand
through the gaps of my fingers,
and I won't admit that I've been
trying to hold that tight within my fist!
It's flowing as it's suppose to be
but my soul and mind stood still.
My life is not for me I know that,
with all by red-blood heart but
I'm unable to perform my duties!
That's eating me from inside
just like a woodworm does,
and the worst thing is that
that's invisible!
I'm now a sad sunflower
half perished and half bloomed.
I've lost in my own mind,
and now scared to be doomed!
© Astha Borah