Vulnerable 🤗
I'll say what's in my mind,

Hope you never mind telling the truths too,

Cause if you hide

I won't trust you again.

It's not that I wanna dominate you,

But you should be aware,

If we are together it's a conscious choice,

And, it shouldn't be a child play.

I'm vulnerable,

And I want to be with someone,

With whom I can be vulnerable,

If we ever decide to live together.

Cause, that's where peace lies for me.

I know, our happiness lies in our own hands,

But still if two person decides to be together,

Without being wisely vulnerable,

You won't be able to move on peacefully.

If we ever decide to live together,

Let's not judge or dominate each other,

Let's not live according to others' opinion,

Let's be Vulnerable,

And let's be wise human beings.

© 🐳Praveena🌌✨️