Have Mercy On Me!!....
That day, when I left for home,
All around, there was almost gloam.

I was walking on my feet..alone,
May I get a lift..I was prone.

The road was vacant,
There, on the way..I met two vagrant.

I was walking intrepidly,
They blocked my way..and humiliated me.

I requested them..to leave my way,
But, those creatures eats hay.

The devil of lust aroused inside them,
I strove to run, but they scratched my ham.

They dragged me into the bush,
And tied a cloth over my face..so that I hush.

I kept begging them, me to renounce,
What they did then..I got embarrass even in pronounce.

They tore my outfit,
Without hesitating even a bit.

Then they keep molesting me..turn by turn,
Until or unless..my soul get burn.

They raped me fearlessly,
That pain..I felt..made me fully silly.

I begged them..to have Mercy on me,
But, they considered..a toy is she.

Then they sat my body on fire,
That time..every law seems to me..liar.

I codemn them to death,
When I left my last breath.

This was the end of the chapter of my life,
Burning me wasn't enough..To my private parts..they stabbed the knife.

I went to hell,
But, none send them to jail.

This has been going on here..for centuries,
For all befell.. eyewitnesses are roads, bushes, and trees.

I want justice for myself,
But, I know..I won't get any help.

My file will also be buried,
Under the dusty files of offices..

© Angelic_sweetie