The brightest star
They watch us live,
Every happy day.
Our little life,
It slips so quickly.
But those gifted memories,
They always stay.

The brightest star,
Like a friend so true.
Shines with a light,
So bright for you.
They guide the way,
Leaving on our hearts a mark.
To take us to wonder,
Hidden in the dark.

Like whispers of the wind,
They softly call.
Reminding us of moments,
Both big and small.
They dance in our minds,
Ours to play.
Guiding us through,
The brightness of the day.

In the darkest of the nights,
Where shadows loom,
Memories shine like stars above,
Filling our hearts with love.

© ͲᏀㅤJᴇғғʀɪɴㅤ☯