😈 "Ab18,"First Act -Reunion
They had known each other since fifth grade at secondary school,
Stella was one of the cool
kids from the start.
For Ben it was hard
In the early 90ies, a chubby
Nerd, with endless pimples, the last you wanna be.

Even now, 30 years later,
Ben remembered the moment, he meat her
Saw Stella for the first time be
It was love at first sight,
` at least for Ben, that's right

for Stella, Ben didn't even exist until
he reveals himself to her and tells her how he feels
One of the most painful and humiliating situation
becomes the result of his confession
Stella and her friends make fun of Ben and ridicule him
But he couldn't switch of what he's feeling
Stella was always mean to Ben until their graduation
After school, they both continued to live in the same small town they before do it.
So you keep running into each other every now and then
To this day, Stella only ever had a disparaging look for Ben
Sometimes even something derogatory to saying
Karma isn't a bitch like Stella
give what she deserves to ha'

On a snowy December morning
Ben leaves the old farmhouse, like he's always doing
follows the 1.5 km paved forest path, and then roughly the same route again through the town to the city.
But on this morning
He had gone only a few meter
He saw something
As he came closer he saw her!

Stella! She had to be supported has with her e-bike on the snowy and icy path.
hit her head and lost consciousness
. but obviously without a head wound
there is no blood in the snow to found
Ben acts as if in a trance,
as if this were his chance.
The man, a little over 2m, a little over 160kg,
lifts the unconscious 1.59cm, 45kg woman
out of the snow with both arms and carries her perhaps 20met'ar's to behind the old wall that marks the border of his property are is

Then he hurry up,
her E-Bike to got
He pushes it past Stella, who is unconscious and leaning do this against the wall, directly into the old barn next to the house and closes the barn door behind him. Takes his Stella from the wall that her hold
and carried her over the threshold

How many times has he dreamed in this scenario he had
It's amazing how heavy people get
when they're dead
or unconscious...it feels like they're twice as heavy as when they're alive and conscious

So we can tell from Ben that he barely got Stella carrie from the front door down the long hallway for to the end of it into the living room with quivering biceps
Unfortunately, his muscles fail him right before the finish,it has which is why Stella got ‘“first Contact” is infront of insted on that Couch…..Ouch!

When she hits the floor
,she moans softly for
.Ben feels panic rise in him as her moaning reaches his ears.
What if she wakes up now? Fears!
He's been thinking about this ,
just for a Shortly back ihallway it is sideboard opened. 2 pairs of handcuffs...Stella can't stay where she was, there's no way to chain her safely
which we thought we would have done from the couch got..wrists over the backrest to the Radiator do best..not quite...but about 5 minutes later
Stella "sat" there couch...frontally with her upper body towards the backrest, wrists behind it, to the top of the radiator, whichher range of motion above reduced per Zero it were to

Ben went to a cupboard, something like an old bureau, and took a hunting knife out from a drawer of the cupboard
and a beer from the fridge, the kitchen is off the living room without connection to the hallway. He can get the beer
from living room hrere cause the refrigerator is right at the kitchen entrance. He sits down on the couch next to Stella and opens the Beer went td, something like an old bureau, and took a hunting knife out of a drawer
and a beer from the fridge, the kitchen is off the living room without connection to the hallway. He can get the beer from the living room cause the refrigerator is right at the kitchen entrance. having a seat next to Stella he’ll have, and opens the beer as he takes the first strong sips his cooks uprising harderness. He picked up the hunting knife from the couch table in front of him
stellas cloth cut of starting
just like paramedics and emergency doctors do to
for rescue
that’s not what this is up to for thruth
for an mid-fourty women ,
her ass really tight and firm.
Ben suck the top of the beer bottle neck been
that for Stellas Asshole is Searching
it's just too tempting how stella is her ass presenting and her pussy is now much harder to reach. while we were about to speech about “ reaching”......

This …i don’t know what it is,
but i know what it is up to
cause it’s all in my Head.
let me said “
No, let me promise you that this is all going to be pretty sick...I want to get on the index! that's not nice 🖖

© Stefan_Duepper