Pretty Black Girl
Father Benz busted
A catastrophes
South Sudan, how long we got?
'Cause I'm tryna find her
Is she you?
Ayo, anyway
With no longer delay
That boy Gong and Smara
Long braids, brown
Weigh 130, she like 5'9
I see them thighs on her
Make me want to multiply
She's a queen, her dad a G, I know
he rocked to Enoch
And I, uh
She was so fly
Like she come from Malakal or maybe Rank
I tried to find that woman
No later than tomorrow
Her body shaped like a Beyonce perfume bottle
Smooth in the Ghost coupe
Make shorty hope in, listen to Natale and CJ Oman Vocals
See if I get a sign of intellectual
See if she rude, if she wild, if she sexual
If we caught a vibe, that'd be incredible
We probably break box springs, near hot springs like we on edibles
I would fit her in my schedule
If she is for real solid, nothing else is acceptable
Slide up to Luxor, paddleboats in South Coast
Having her swim in Aswan water, it's less cold
I make her listen to poetry, hit on one of those Shilluk traditional dance
Asked her would she's leave if I was down to my last club
I gotta find that girl
What part of Egypt she's be in?
Heard she was last seen in hadayeq El-Zaitoun
First ticket Metro-hopping in North Cairo
I think she right for me and I don't even know her
I mean the one time I seen her she was natural glowing
That's why I made this poem, told the outlet to promote it
So she can hear it
'Cause even if she don't like spoken words
This still gon' find her right where she's at
The one with
Long braids, brown eyes
Weigh 130, she like 5'9
I hope you hear this
© Enoch