I stare keenly at her wavering hands and scornful smile.

The gruesome words emanating from her mouth tantamount to a mile.

I didn't want the blossoming companionship of ours to halt with bordering enmity.

A whiling away word of somebody I used to know is colossal an ordeal of a calamity.

I tried and retried till the spell purged out and I could clearly see the casualties.

It seemed far to ensue in this love of ours to decay with intended cruelties.

Wasn't it fragile and dear enough to cling on knowing the quit of it would shatter me to bits.

You might as well have condemned me to the gallow pits.

The why's and wherefores with solemn mortification of reckless impulses of a fleeting romance.

The mouth that soothed my worries with kisses lies agape with intangible reason as to why such circumstance.

In the Genesis you beheld me in such confidence and certainty only to be deserted at the testy crossroads.

Cliche, universal fascination of the novel tales and soulmates beseech unrealistic abstract downloads.

A rolling Stone to conquer thou with charismatic charming exhibits.

A show for the win,a facade of love to satiate your seething ego now realized to thou inhibits.

Goodbye and good luck reinstated me on the right,an eye opening serum imperative for me to divulge.

Healthy attachments and empathic communications draws restorative to indulge.

Absence compels the fonder,faint reminders of you now calls calm,nay obsessive neither vindictive.

Never had I tranced a comeback from"the encounter" yet with hearty distractions can I boldly stipulate that the progressing rehabilitation is quite impressive.
© @Opoku Francisca

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