Night Time Vision
Salty Smells Over The Lake
Crickets Chirping Keeping You Awake
Walks On A Beach In Night Time Shade
Staring At The Stars You Get Lost In A Daze
When You Lay In The Bed Can You Hear The Rain?
Carnivals And Fairs In The Night
Driving On The Highway Some Folk Have A Problem With Sight
Noises Around Bring Sound To The Lights
The Vision When It’s Dark
Fireworks Look Better At Night You See Every Spark
Catch The Rain Hitting Your Window
Listen To The Sound And Enjoy The Water Show
Deep Thought When The Lights Are Off
Comfortability In The Dark Brings Fears To A Pause
During The Day Life’s A Go
In The Hospital Bed My Spirits Scared Away Any Crows
© PapaChev

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