Sporadic Nonesense
A relentless sea of faces,
Introduce a cold blank stare.
Not alone, but uninvited,
Surely they Will care.
You're caught up in that snare.
Someone's gotta light that flare.
With confusing scenes of madness,
A spiritual world that's full of badness.
Fall asleep and you're there canvas.
Lord help me I'm not an actress.
I'm anxious and downright depressed.
I'm just way too far gone and stressed.
Mind over matter, I'm trying to cope,
Dont mind, Dont matter, it's all within scope.
I can't exist like this, I'm in my prime.
How did it turn around like this in such little time?
Like a candle burning, You're at the end of your wick.
You burnt down way too quick.
Trying to relight it, no fuel means no glow.
But you still have a lighter. You'll find a way to go.
Stop believing in fools and believe in yourself.
Stop sitting way back on the shelf.
Clowns are dictating your dreams and your needs.
Time to garden and get rid of those weeds.
Get dirty or dead, that's one rule you can't dread.
Knock it on the head before it puts you to bed.
Now sleep in some peace, know the faceless will visit.
But you get to wake up, they are only in spirit.
There's solace in that, so don't let it win.
Show them who's boss. Let the kindness flow in.

© Miss Messica