In the warm heart of Africa, there stands a majestic peak,
Mulanje Mountain, where the earth and heavens meet.
Its ancient slopes, a canvas for nature's artistry,
A place where wilderness and wonder dance in harmony.

Emerald forests cloak the mountain's ancient face,
Whispering tales of time and boundless grace.
Rivers rush like life's vibrant veins through the land,
Carving stories in the rock and sand.

Atop this soaring sentinel, the world unfolds,
A panoramic tapestry of greens and golds.
The sunsets paint the sky in hues so bold,
As if the mountain's heart of fire and ice it holds.

In every rustling leaf and secret waterfall's spray,
Mulanje's heartbeat echoes, guiding the way.
The warmth of Africa, the spirit of the wild,
In this sacred mountain, we find nature's smile.

Mulanje, you're a treasure, nature's living art,
In Malawi's embrace, you're the beating heart.
Beneath your gaze, we find our spirits unfurl,
Mulanje Mountain, the gem of the warm heart of the world.

#Vist malawi
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